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Daylight savings time

Daylight savings time

A Poll - should we keep daylght savings time, stay on Daylight Savings Time Year round, or drop the foolishness and stay on Standard time

Daylight savings time never made much sense to me. Those with animals are certainly aware of the twice a year confusion for them, with them looking at you strangely and conveying the thought “have you lost it and are feeding me too early” or of course the other “wake up you forgotten to feed me” depending on which direction one is going.

For much of my working life during the summer we would put into effect our own daylight, double daylight savings time and start work hours earlier than we would for working in the winter. We did this to avoid the heat as much as anything. On the other side crews working outside even on standard time in the winter seldom did much until it was light enough to work and that was in Southern British Columbia. If one was working in northern British Columbia the wait for day light was even longer and if as some want to go to daylight savings time year round, the start of the work day would be closer to noon.

The twice yearly time shift also is responsible for more work place accidents the week after the change as our body’s adjust to the new time.. Traffic stats also have a greater than what should be anticipated accident rate the week after the timeshift.

Few think of their circadian rhythms which are tired to the natural clock with noon when the sun is at it’s daily zenith or highest in the sky for the day sand not daylight savings time of 1 hour past the natural noon.This affects the body and ones health. Traditional Chinese Medicine to name one are disrupted by a clock time shift in the body as the natural cycle of energy in the body stays to the natural rhythms.

Several years ago the BC Government had a poll re daylight savings time and should we continue with it. The poll questions were faulty as they did not include the option of leaving the clock alone and just stay on standard time.


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