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Electromagnetic Radiation on the British Columbia Legislature Front Lawn

Electromagnetic Radiation on the British Columbia Legislature Front Lawn

Is the government using a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) against it's citizens

Electromagnetic Radiation on the British Columbia Legislature Front Lawn

have never asked my subscribers and viewers before to make a point of sending this information out to their respective social media. The indications are governments and who knows who else are using this form of weapon against the people and depriving them of constitutional rights. I strongly feel it is very important to realise what the government is doing to stifle free speech an the right of free assembly.

In the video I mention a scientific paper re an apartment building in Japan and the health effects on the inhabitants.

Is BC using a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) to deter public gatherings at the BC Legislature?

DEW are sometimes referred to as non lethal weapons – that is not true, While they may not kill instantly on the “battle field” they do condemn the exposed to a linger death or health complications in the future.

The evidence collected this month supports this possibility. The levels measured could be characterised as at the Passive Denial Level. Sort of analogous to Captain Kirk instructing his crew to set their Phasers on stun.

I measured the levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Around the BC Legislature around 5 years ago, typically the levels were around 500 µwatts/metre2 with spikes up to around 1500 µwatts/metre2. Higher than I personally like but, about what I expected. The levels front and rear were about the same. To put the numbers into perspective I suggest looking at the levels of EMR in cities around the world Global EMF Dr. Magda Havas is Professor Emerita at Trent University did a study of EMR levels around the world using volunteer scientists to measure the levels at various locations in their local area, especially doing the levels of radiation at the busiest intersections and presumably where the readings would be highest; the meter she had people use was a Safe and Sound meter The meter is a good consumer class meter. The readings in this survey of the BC Legislative Grounds was the same meter.

I was prompted to do a check of the levels at the legislature when I noticed the levels were getting uncomfortably high for me. In October of 2023 I was at a rally and found I was getting a headache I typically identify as a radiation induced headache, I was felt an increasing level of stress and found it increasingly difficult to focus on recording the speakers, both symptoms I associated with electromagnetic poisoning. I did a couple of quick measurement and found the levels were exceeding 30,000 µwatts/metre2. I left and told a person that asked why I was leaving that I was developing a headache. Several days later this same person told me she knew of several others that left for the same reason. I returned a few days later and did a few measurements around the building and noted the levels were highest in the front area the readings were highest in the area where people congregate during rallies there. Returned a few days later for more measurements and did this video. Looking at the pattern of the readings and the lack of structures nearby or people using wifi/cell phones felt the concision was in-mistakable. The security/staff at the legislature was using a low power Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) against, people at the legislature, to deter and make it uncomfortable for people attending rallies as a form of Peaceful Protest, or as the The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms under Section 2(c)

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

c. freedom of peaceful assembly;

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and further provisions provided to Canadians under other laws international instruments Canadian laws and international instruments binding on Canada: section 1(e) of the Canadian Bill of Rights; article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; and article 15 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child

While the levels are far short of the socalled allowable limits of Canada’s Safety Code 6 (SC6) which is not a standard but a loosely defined guideline setting the limits of exposure for employees of the Canadian government and federal chartered businesses including banks. are not enforceable limits on the levels of radiation that could be radiated at citizens participating in freedom of peaceful assembly. The numbers in the code are to put it plainly, useless when it comes to safeguarding people in a radiation hot zone. Health Canada uses what is termed heat based limits and refuses to set limits based on known adverse human, plant and animal health at levels significantly below the levels I have measured. There are 1000’s of peer reviewed studies noting harmful biological effects including the US Government sponsored and funded National Toxicology Program 10 year 25 million dollar study, Yet the Canadian Government till clings to the unsupported heat based limits presuming the only biological harm from EMR is when the intensity causes a heat reaction cling to a study done in 1953 where a few rats had thermometers put up their rectums and acted strangely. Would not most of us act strangely too if subjected to this treatment, of course maybe it was be best stated the Health Canada does “not give a rat’s ass” about the health and safety of Canadians.

When I further reflected on the levels I found, I decided to do another test a few days later, assuming that most rallies there are not pro government. Remembrance Day was coming up and it is reasonable to assume if the levels were dialed back for a specific event Remembrance Day would be one such day. Measurements on that day were running around 5-10% of the other days. Where I recorded a reading of over 145,000 in µwatts/metre2, on November 11th 6,000 µwatts/metre2 and the following day back to their previous levels.

I can see no other logical conclusion other than the front ground of the Legislature are bathed in a rolling DEW attack on those present. It is my opinion the provincial government is actively engaged in using DEW to stop Canadians from engaging in lawful protest and their right to freedom of assembly.

I have not measured the levels at other spot frequently used for protests against the government but if the information I have is correct it has become a common practice to use DEW to deter protesters at other locations across the country and in the case of the Truckers Convoy in Ottawa they were used against the people of Canada at a much higher energy level and most likely the other DEW of light (laser) and sound.

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