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France bans Apple iPhone 12 while Canadians remain at risk

France bans Apple iPhone 12 while Canadians remain at risk

An immediate ban in Canada is imperative to protect public health

Coffee, Other News and More. Tuesday, September 19th, 2023.

Today I thought I'd bring up something that I've been following for quite a while, what's going on in France with them banning the Apple iPhone 12.

In order to recognize they were doing it for safety reasons and Canadians still remain at risk.

This all has to do with the specific absorption rate or SAR as they call it that for a number of years now they did a test on many of the cell phones in France and they found that they exceeded the French standards for the specific absorption rate.

This is one case where the Canadian standards are actually more protective but rarely.

So if they're exceeding the levels in France, we can be rest assured they're exceeding the levels in Canada. This actually doesn't apply just to Apple, it applies to many, maybe even most of the cell phones on the market today.

Getting into explaining how SAR works and the rest of it is a bit of a complicated thing.

I think it should be a video of its own about SAR which basically measures the accumulated radiation in your body from a particular exposure; and while the Canadian standards are lower than they are in France they are still orders of magnitude too high when I look at any of the research papers looking at the amount of radiation the body can accumulate.

I guess you could say it was accumulation of SARS that caused my brain tumor, which you can see on the side of my face, which is something I have to live with and deal with every day because of the massive exposure of radiation. I'll just bring up a page here

First a look at Reuters news.

French watchdog “iPhone 12 sales over too high radiation”.

Well, as I say that is something that's been going on in Canada for quite a while.

We're way over the amount as well.

A News Release from the Canadians for Safe Technology.

That link can find out more about that organization, which is quite an interesting one.

What they were mentioning in here is that Canada is still selling the iPhone 12 despite it being banned in France where the allowable limits are too high, but higher than Canada as well.

On September 12, there was that announcement that they were banning the sale.

They do point out, as I say, that Safety Code 6 in Canada allows only lower limits, while we can be rest assured that the cell phones are of the limit too when independent test is done.

They're showing they're every bit as high as the testing they found in France.

The standards are not much point if when

Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada cite that Canada has some of the toughest standards for cell phones safety in the world.

If you're not enforcing it, who cares?

And that's exactly what we can look at both Health Canada and ICED are not enforcing the standards whatsoever.

And this is not just exclusive to Canada and France, it's worldwide.

Now for a number of years the Sharon Noble Director of Citizens for Safe Technology will just bring up their website.

Back to the news release, there's a number of, big names involved in them.

First of all, I'll mention that in 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified microwave-free radiation as possible human carcinogen.

As I understand it, when they were doing that, there was a pretty strong contingent that wanted

to have it classified as a known carcerogen, but they were in interest to compromise.

They finally agreed with the one or two people that were insisting that it not be so.

I strongly suggest that people look at the Prevent Cancer Now site.

I'll have a link in the description here as well to that interview.

And I would go on that this news release came out of the Canadians for Safe Technology.

The CEO of The group is Frank Clegg.

Frank Clegg, I guess you could say at one time was all in on everything to do with electronics.

He was the president of Microsoft Canada.

I’m sort of at a loss for words that Telco and Industry Canada have done everything they possibly can to avoid dealing with this issue.

Hopefully that now that France has abandoned some of the most popular, I guess you could say, cell phone, maybe the Canadian government will get behind things and actually ban it as well.

I experienced a massive dose of radiation, I guess you can say in the, should have been covered under a specific absorption weight.

It caused a brain tumor on the left side of my face, a benign brain tumor, I don't know, think 20 hours of brain surgery is a serious situation.

I guess about the only thing I can say that came out of it is that, Probably upwards of 50 people have seen my brain. They know I have one. No comment on how well it works but I guess that's a whole different discussion.

I really recommend that people take the time to go to the websites listed in the description and follow up on this information as much as possible and think about their cell phone use whether it's with an iPhone 12 or as one of the other makes.

I can virtually assure you that when you hold the phone as you normally do in a conversation or texting with it close into your abdomen, you're exceeding the specific absorption rate and putting yourself at risk for, if you're lucky, getting a life-changing tumor like I did.

And if you're unlucky, there's a great many more serious health consequences that you could get from the radiation coming from the cell phone.

News Release

France bans Apple iPhone 12 while Canadians remain at risk

An immediate ban in Canada is imperative to protect public health

For immediate release


September 18, 2023 – Canada is continuing to permit sales of Apple's iPhone 12 even after it has been banned from sale in France because it emits dangerously high levels of microwave radiofrequency radiation.

On September 12th, France's regulator announced that sales of Apple's iPhone 12 were banned until Apple implemented changes that would reduce the level of microwave radiofrequency radiation emissions below France’s regulatory maximum Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

Although Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 SAR maximum limits are lower, the iPhone 12 phones remain on the Canadian market. Canada’s cell phone emissions regulator, Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) says that Canada has some of the toughest standards for cell phone safety in the world: every device needs to pass rigorous testing and a certification process before being sold, and they are then regularly audited afterward.

If France’s SAR limits are breached, how can Canada’s not be exceeded to an even greater degree? We’ve been asking.

After nearly three years, Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech, finally received information about ISED’s cell phone Market Surveillance Program. In the five years of audits sent to Ms Noble, a total of only 90 phones had been tested. None had been tested at zero distance from the body, where many people use and store their phones. “The report I received confirmed my worst fears – few cell phones are tested. The iPhone 12 has been sold in Canada since 2020, yet it was not listed in the report ISED recently provided. This means that it was not tested by ISED before it went on the market, and so Canadians, including children, have been using a phone that most likely exceeds Health Canada's exposure standard when used against the body such as when carried in a pocket. To protect Canadians health, it is imperative that the Apple iPhone12 be withdrawn immediately from the Canadian market – as should all other wireless devices that exceed Canadian SAR limits – until their emissions are compliant. Safety Code 6 states clearly that its SAR limits ‘shall not be exceeded.’”

Surprisingly, ISED also confirmed that Canada’s SAR standards may be met by measuring the SAR with the phones at a distance from the body—not next to the body. SAR decreases as the device is moved away from the head or body.

Many well-respected independent scientists have published high quality peer reviewed studies showing that microwave radiofrequency radiation emitted by wireless devices such as cell phones can cause biological harm ranging from inflammation, DNA damage and tumours, to cardiac and fertility problems, headaches and brain fog, all at exposures below Safety Code 6 maximum limits.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified microwave radiofrequency radiation as a possible human carcinogen in 2011, based largely on human epidemiological studies. The Agency now lists it as a high priority for re-evaluation, to include subsequent large scale animal studies demonstrating “clear evidence” of carcinogenicity. Meg Sears, Chair of Prevent Cancer Now said, “Cancers are increasing rapidly in younger Canadians, and wireless radiation as well as chemicals, nutrition and activities are implicated. Radiation from wireless devices magnifies toxicities of hazardous chemicals, so we need to reduce both. There are lower- and zero-exposure options for communications, to choose at home and school; at work and play.”

It is time that this lack of protection is examined by our legislators, with clear recommendations to rectify the inadequate regulation of cell phones and other wireless devices. Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology and former President of Microsoft Canada says, “It is long overdue that Health Canada ditches the disproven premise that only heating can cause harm, and incorporate the evidence of adverse non-thermal effects at exposure levels far below Safety Code 6. One step in the right direction would be a full examination by the House of Commons’ Health Committee. Another is to provide adequate warnings about the use of cell phones with full disclosure of SAR values when cell phones are held next to the body. Our health depends on it.”

For further information, please contact:

Sharon Noble, Citizens for Safer Tech


Meg Sears, Prevent Cancer Now

Phone: 613 297-6042

Frank Clegg, Canadians for Safe Technology


Marg Friesen, Canadians for Safe Technology


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